Freho Rhap Tours – Brand Identity

This is my pretend tour company for my Graphic Design 1 major project. Freho Rhap is a fun, exotic and unique company that provides baby boomers with bohemian themed tours in Fremantle, a harbour town in Western Australia. The main purpose of this tour is to take people off the beaten path and visit destinations in Fremantle that one may not go to frequently. The name “Freho Rhap” is inspired from the Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It sets a bohemian, quirky tone evoking the uniqueness of the tour as we will be taking our guests to places that other tour companies may not visit. We will not be going to “popular” Fremantle destinations (such as the Round House and Fremantle Prison) and will instead be going to cafes, resturants and various shops and artist studios that fit this bohemian theme.