Perth Festival (Winter Lights and Ideas) Branding Project

These are my final layouts for my Creative Design Studio Branding Project and infographic for Perth Festival Winter Lights and Ideas. My final layouts for the poster, program and ticket for the live performance of Threshold to be shown at The Blue Room Theatre for Perth Festival Winter Lights and Ideas have evolved from the first concept. From creating less effective concepts, I have been able to constantly develop them and eventually create a much stronger one with a refined hierarchy and simple but legible typography. The production of Threshold is set in today’s era and reinforces power, corruption and manipulation in the media. It gives the viewer a real insight of what it is like in a professional workplace of journalism and a type of media that is in deterioration.

I feel the two halves of the faces portray a juxtaposition of the two types of media, print and digital. It leaves the viewer with the question: is print media coming to an end? Or is digitisation taking over? This is what I want the viewers to think when viewing my poster.