WA Museum Advertising Campaign

Creative Brief:

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals

Layout Visuals:

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals2

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals3

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals4

Presentation Visuals:

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals5

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals6

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals7

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals8

JW Advertising Campaign Visuals9

For this assessment, I was required to develop, design and produce a creative advertising campaign solution to the ‘presentation visual’ stage of development that satisfies the brief provided. You will work through the project week-by-week focusing on different stages of the design process each week through a series of interrelated tutorial discussions and feedback sessions.

The brief given was the new Western Australian Museum and were to design a campaign of the new 2020 Museum Relaunch. The main message I am communicating in this campaign is that you get a much better experience at a museum rather than constantly looking up facts on your own personal device. You are better off going and seeing the objects from a visual perspective or in the case of WA Museum, going and hearing the stories of the science (and many other things) of WA rather than just looking up facts all the time. The visual experience you can get at the museum is a rewarding one and this is much better than constantly looking at your phone – some of the images you may see on your phone are not even real and you get to see the real thing if you go to the museum.